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Dialysis clinics

Do you find it difficult to leave the safe and familiar environment of you home dialysis clinic and take that relaxing trip you are longing for?

Virtus Vita is here to clear all your doubts about dialysis travel and assist you in selecting an amazing destination where you will relax and dialyze in one of our accredited model clinics with absolute peace of mind.

Proposed by the NKF and Kidney Patient Associations for its excellent holiday and dialysis services, Virtus Vita collaborates with certified dialysis clinics worldwide that comply with the strictest international standards and guaranteeing superior renal health care. All centres feature state-of-the-art equipment and experienced renal experts meeting your individual needs and making you feel right at home.

By booking your dialysis travel with Virtus Vita you receive a complete holiday package carefully planned to the last detail and including: dialysis treatments and assistance with preparation of documents for the transient dialysis clinic, air tickets and transfers from-to dialysis centres, hotel accommodation, exciting tours and more.

Are you ready to book the holiday of a lifetime from the comfort of your home? Contact us to book and we will plan it to the last detail!