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Dialysis Vacation Packages

If you are in search of the perfect dialysis vacation packages, look no further.

At Virtus Vita we create cost-effective holiday packages tailored to the needs of dialysis patients. This way, they can enjoy unforgettable vacations at the destination of their choice with all the care they deserve during their dialysis treatment.

The Virtus Vita dialysis vacation packages combine everything you are asking for when travelling as a renal patient, from dialysis arrangements to hotels and air-tickets.

What makes our dialysis holiday packages stand out?
  • You dialyze in an absolutely safe environment even when away from home.
  • We affiliate with highly accredited dialysis units, with experienced renal care experts & state-of-the-art facilities.
  • You can select the hotel you prefer based on your individual needs and be sure that you receive top-quality service throughout your stay.
  • Tickets and transfers are all arranged for you in the best possible rates, so you save precious time and money.
  • You can choose from more than 80 amazing destinations worldwide.
Want to book a dialysis vacation package? We are right here to help you!
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