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About Virtus Vita

 Focusing on renal patients’ travel needs

Virtus Vita is a global dialysis & travel organization that has made possible every renal patient’s dream: safe, stress-free and cost-effective dialysis holidays in wonderful destinations worldwide.

At Virtus Vita we are aware that life is full of challenges, which can be particularly tantalizing for people confronted with health issues. We genuinely care about patients’ well-being, so we are devoted to helping them surmount these obstacles through individualized life-enhancing dialysis & travel services.

With a deep-rooted tradition in the renal care sector paired with ultimate professionalism, Virtus Vita has crafted dynamic affiliations with the world’s best renal care providers and hospitality experts so that patients have the chance to escape their dialysis treatment routine and experience the vacation of a lifetime by selecting among supreme, integrated holiday packages tailored to their needs.

Furthermore, at Virtus Vita we work tirelessly to educate the wider public on Chronic Kidney Disease and kidney related issues. We strongly believe that knowledge is the best prevention. This way, our expert team of verified nephrologists with more than 25 years of experience provides patients, their families and carers with invaluable information through comprehensive articles so as to make them aware of kidney disease and improve patients’ quality of life.

Virtus Vita -which is the Latin synonym of ‘The Power of Life’- was created with the aspiration to provide optimum dialysis holiday solutions and educate individuals with kidney related issues; our delighted international clients confirm we exceed their expectations!

So, now that you have Virtus Vita meeting your travel needs as a renal patient, why not relax and enjoy life to its fullest?