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How do I book a package with Virtus Vita?

In order to book your dialysis holidays with Virtus Vita you can either fill in our form or contact us by phone or email to express your interest. After we process your request, we will get back to you within 24 to discuss your preferences and needs. Once we agree upon the details for your trip and receive your confirmation, we can proceed to booking your dialysis holiday package. Remember that we provide support throughout your dialysis vacations. 

Why do I have to sign up for a Virtus Vita account?

You will need to sign up for a Virtus Vita account when you want to proceed to your package booking. Signing up at Virtus Vita website is a piece of cake. You just have to fill in some fields with details, such as your full name, as well as your e-mail address and a password that you will use to log in to your account. 

Why is it important to fill in the medical form?

One of the steps you have to take while making you holiday package booking is completing a medical form. Completing the medical form is quite important as the information you provide about your health condition will help the dialysis center team to ensure you are offered top quality renal services and they will also assist you to go through the dialysis process in an absolutely smooth and safe way.

Can I cancel my holiday package?

At Virtus Vita we are aware that plans may sometimes fall through. If you have to cancel your package for any reason, please send your cancellation request at reservations@virtusvita.com, so that it can be processed by our cancellations department as soon as possible. Refunds may apply depending on cancellation policies of hotels and airline companies.

What are the payment methods for holiday packages? 

You can book your holiday package by paying by credit card, bank deposit or paypal.

How can I browse the destinations & clinics available? 

You can view all our proposed destinations and affiliated dialysis centers through the interactive map featured on our Home page. Click on the destination you prefer, select city and you will view details about the respective affiliated dialysis center available.

Can I travel while on dialysis?

Of course you can travel while on dialysis, as long as everything has been carefully planned. Discuss your plans with your healthcare team and doctors, as they are fully aware of your health condition and will assist you to make the right decision concerning the location to be visited. They will also provide you with extra tips for relaxing and safe vacations. Check out what the Virtus Vita nephrologist suggests on dialysis and travel. 

How can I affiliate with Virtus Vita and be featured at the holiday packages?

By being an affiliate dialysis clinic with Virtus Vita you can both increase renal treatments at your clinic and enjoy many other great benefits provided to our affiliates. So, if you are an ISO certified dialysis clinic complying with European standards for renal services of the highest quality and wish to be featured in Virtus Vita holiday packages, kindly send your request at a.bailan@virtusvita.com and we will get back to you with more details on how you can join our affiliates team.

How can I join the Virtus Vita dialysis center database?

Adding your dialysis center in the Virtus Vita database is very easy and absolutely free of charge! You just have to fill in a form and basic details of your dialysis center will be presented each time a user makes a search in our dialysis center search engine. Click here to find out more on adding your dialysis clinic to our database and download the relevant form. 


What is the Virtus Vita Membership?

If you wish to become a Virtus Vita Member and enjoy a sophisticated presentation including all the benefits offered to our members, such as top positions at our dialysis center search engine results, round-the-year promotion of your clinic and many more, Virtus Vita Membership is ideal for you. Click here  to read more on Virtus Vita Memberships and download our membership form. 

I have added my dialysis center to the Virtus Vita Database. Can I upgrade my status to Virtus Vita Member?

Your status can be upgraded to Virtus Vita Member any time you wish. Just with a moderate fee you can have a great presentation of your clinic at the top rank of our search engine results and enjoy all the benefits provided by Virtus Vita. So, why not upgrade your membership status? Click here  to read more on Virtus Vita Memberships and download our membership form. 

Can any dialysis center join the Virtus Vita dialysis center database?

At Virtus Vita we strive to ensure top quality services for renal patients, so all dialysis centers that join our database need to fulfil particular requirements. Click here to view details on what is required to become a Virtus Vita member .