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Travel Dialysis

We can make travel dialysis an absolutely safe, pleasant and relaxing experience just for you!

At Virtus Vita we are committed to making your life more enjoyable and less complicated when it comes to holidays and travelling. Whether just diagnosed with Chronic Kidney Disease or being a dialysis patient for years, you should be aware that you are not alone. About two million people worldwide, including you, undergo dialysis treatments but this doesn’t mean they have to give up their lifestyle or even their travel plans. Travelling is revitalizing and contributes to your overall emotional and physical health, so why not take a break every once in a while.
Under the guidance of your doctor you can travel to magnificent locations and Virtus Vita will take care of the rest, including your travel dialysis.
By proposing comprehensive dialysis vacation packages including top quality renal care in certified dialysis clinics located at some of the most breath taking destinations worldwide you are ensured an ultimately relaxing and rejuvenating trip with all the care you deserve.
The medical staff of our affiliated dialysis clinics is always glad to provide useful, personalized tips and suggestions to all guest renal patients visiting their unit, as well as complete medical support in case of an emergency. Below you will find some tips provided by the Virtus Vita team of experts ensuring a safe and pleasant trip, as well as rejuvenating holidays to dialysis patients.
Want to start planning your vacations and travel dialysis?
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Useful tips for dialysis travelers about:

  • Home and Transient Dialysis Units & Health Care Team - Discuss your trip plans with your renal care team and contact the dialysis unit at your destination at least six months before you travel, especially if you are travelling to a popular destination, during high season or holiday time. This way, your doctor will have the time to send your detailed medical records to the transient dialysis clinic in order for this information to be taken into consideration. By contacting the transient dialysis unit in good time you will ensure availability near your destination at a convenient shift.


  • Destination - As soon as you decide your destination, it is important to inform your doctor about it. This way, you can be advised about particular characteristics of that place, such as the climate, and you will be informed on what you can do and what to avoid depending on your personal health condition.


  • Travel Insurance - Taking travel insurance can save you time and money in case of an unprecedented event, whether this involves baggage loss or an emergency situation which requires you are immediately transferred back home. It is most likely that everything will go well during your trip, but being insured will make you feel more secure no matter what. Our holiday packages cover the minimum requirements for a standard insurance when travelling with Virtus Vita (civil liability)


  • European Health Insurance Card - Make sure you have an EHIC or apply for one in order to have access to public sector hospitals during your holidays within the EEC.


  • Medication – When packing your medication check out if there is enough for the whole vacation. Remember to pack them in your hand luggage and take extra supplies in case of possible delays, baggage loss or even spillage. You can also carry your prescription with you so that you can order your medicine at your destination in case you need to. As medicine names differ from country to country, your doctor can advise you about the name of your medicine at your destination.


  • Nutrition - Follow your doctor’s advice during vacations concerning your diet, as you normally do when you are at home. If you are travelling by plane you can request a special meal appropriate for renal patients when the reservation is made.


  • How to Make the Most of Your Holidays – Arrange to arrive a bit earlier than planned at your dialysis appointment at the transient unit so that the medical staff provides you with individualized advice after they have studied your records. Together you can discuss your medical condition and your expectations from this trip and they will be able to provide you with a plethora of useful tips and advice on activities, local food, and anything else you may like, so that you can have a pleasant and safe stay and enjoy your vacations to the fullest.